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Vintage Canister Set …. Gets an Updated Look!

Old & Boring to New & Interesting! Last year I came across this vintage canister set made by Masterware! They are metal with a faux wood grain finish. This is the best before photo I could find. Of course I forgot to take one before I started. Trust me... they were BORING and since they did not sell it was time to give them an update with a little paint! The first thing you want to do before painting anything is to wipe it down. I like to use American Paints "Surface Prep & Brush Cleaner". A little goes a ...
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Dry brushed detail

My Stencil Tip Saves the Day

You finished your stencil only to find out it smeared! Yes I have trouble getting my stencils on perfect all the time. Most often it is when the brush is too wet and it bleeds under the stencil. When I remove my stencil, it is smeared. I have a great Stencil Tip to share with you to make the fix easy when using water based chalk paints. Early this spring, I started this desk project. I mixed a custom color for a grey with a hint of brown... I thin there is a name for this, but it escapes my ...
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Let the season begin

Painting Your Adirondack Chair

Paint & Beach Party on Carova Beach! We are so excited to share our latest road trip with you, a Paint & Beach party in the Outer Banks!  We were invited to Sands of Time on Carova Beach by our friend Debi to help her paint her Adirondack Chairs before the 2016 season starts.  We left PA on May 6th at 7:30 in the morning and reached the 4x4 driving beach around 5:15 pm, 2 hours before high tide. This was a good thing since May 6th was a King Tide, the highest tide of the season. This was my ...
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photo 5-1

Rough Linen Cedar Chest

Rough Linen... So it has been a couple months... We have lots to share! First of all, I would like to let you know about some changes that have been going on.  In August we took a booth in Black Rose Antique & Collectables in the Chambersburg Mall.  We are fully stocked with American Paint Co. products there and we offer an eclectic collection of vintage collectables, antiques and painted furniture as well. In October an opportunity to relocate our booth inside Antique Marketplace of Lemoyne, so we took it. The result is lots of windows with lots of light, ...
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Find us at the HBG Flea

You can find us at ... the HBG Flea  ... a local monthly event! In November, my good friend Mary from "The Three Ring Circus" at the Millworks in Harrisburg sent me the info for the first "HBG Flea" to be hosted by H•MAC in Harrisburg... I was very excited & could clearly see the vision that Mary & Meghan have for this monthly event located in the heart of the historic midtown area of Harrisburg.  I knew "The Vintage Dames" had to be part of it. I signed up for the first event and was blown away by the ...
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Painted Furniture, the American Way

Painted furniture, the American Way!  Yes I am an American and I paint furniture! Large pieces, small pieces and even mini pieces. I also enjoy painting metal, glass, plastic, vinyl and material!  There are many products one can use to paint these many different surfaces, however I have found one product that works for all of them! Chalk, mineral and clay based paints. I first painted with these types of paint in 2011 and started retailing them in January 2012.   In 2011 there were 2 well known brands of chalk type paints... Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and CeCe Caldwells Chalk, ...
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What have I painted with…

What have I painted with Shoreline? This weeks featured color on the American Paint Company's blog is Shoreline.  Last winter I finished up an antique secretary using Parchment and Shoreline.  I did not get a chance to share it with you all... and this weeks blog has motivated me to get it on my blog! Al Stackhouse, a dealer at Northgate Antiques had this for sale a couple years ago and I jumped on it. The price was right and I knew it would be fun to give it a face lift.  She had some damage on the front of ...
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antique dresser with Fireworks Red

Sweet Little Antique Dresser

Welcome to my blog! Every week American Paint Company features a specific color on their blog.  I have every intention of painting something for the feature blog, however life gets in the way.  My dad has end stage COPD and I have the opportunity to be his transportation to Dr. appointments and respiratory therapy add to that, God has blessed me with the privilege of babysitting my 3 grand-children 1-2 times a week as well as helping their parents out.  So painting gets put on the back burner. But last week, I spent Friday and Saturday painting! I bought this ...
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So the Seventies are Haunting you?

Hi ya friends....  I grew up in the seventies and remember them well! Bell bottoms, hiphuggers and platform shoes were the style we all wore and in everyone's house somewhere three was that beautiful Shag Carpet!  It came in many colors two of which I remember, Green and Orange.  Not sure if you noticed, but the seventies are making a comeback, much to our chagrin.... especially with the 30's something generation!  Why you ask?  Because that was the style they grew up in... they are nostalgic... just like me! I collect 40's - 50's stuff because it reminds me of my ...
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How Etsy Raped America

I have hesitated jumping on the Etsy train... mostly because I have been so busy promoting paint.  I have recently launched an Instagram store selling vintage and hand made-by me items and I am seriously considering the Etsy store.  This was originally posted on "How Etsy Raped America" and has me rethinking the whole thing! I look forward to your feedback! ______________________________ How Etsy Raped America April 23, 2015 / smallplanetsonetsy It seems that, for the past few years, the big flap with Etsy (if you trust social media) was a privacy issue that began in 2011 and to which details ...
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