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A Tale of Three Paintings!

I do love updating my blog… but I have so many things going at one time that it is hard to get to this simmering pot!  Today I should be getting my tax stuff together and instead decided to tell you all about one of my “FAILS”!  Oh yes… I do have “Fails”

I picked this up at a sale.  It has an original price tag of $195!  Seriously crazy right!  Black lacquer with gold oriental figures.  It is solid wood and about 15-20 years old… Vintage to the “Baby Boomers”!  I am amazed as I stroll through Instagram at what they are buying and selling!  Stuff we can’t sell in the antique malls and they are getting $10-$30 for…. Plastic flowers from the 70’s  $12.00…. but I digress, that is a story for another day!


I had it at the antique mall for over a year and no action on it. So I took it home and gave it a coat of CeCe Main Harbor on the outside and one of her creamy whites, I think Omaha. When distressing I was doing it in a bad light area and pulled off more paint in areas then I would have liked… oh well, maybe someone will like it.  I did a little stippling on the edges… not my best work, but I kinda liked it. So back to the store it went.  Sat another 6 months or more.


Then I decided to practice crackle!  I wanted to use good ole Elmers, but forgot it… so a friend at the store had some wood glue and offered it to me… now the fact that it had a yellow tinge to it should have been a warning…. but not.  I first put a coat of lighter blue on top of the dark blue. ( I think that was the order) Then I added the glue, let it dry to skim coat top and then applied white paint.  Definitely not my best work!!!  Do you see the top where the glue yellowed!  Yes that was in several places.  So back to the store it went.  I even took it to a couple shows…. you guessed it! IT DID NOT SELL!  I knew it was going to be getting yet another coat of color…. who knows where she will end up?


So it was Sunday, February 1st, and I was getting some time to paint at Northgate Antiques.  I was using Fireworks Red on another project and thought “what the heck”?  So I picked up this heavy thing, did I mention it is solid wood, and started painting!  While I was painting it, a customer said

“wow, that looks so much better, that is the ugliest thing I have ever seen! Who ever painted it before did a lousy job”!

Oh yea I kept my mouth shut!  I am liking this color much better already!


Last Wednesday, we were not so busy.  First thing I wanted to do was sand over the areas where the crackle finish was.  Should have done this before painting, but hey this is a living experiment in painting!  I really liked the way it was coming out. Chippy with layered colors. I put a thin coat of American Paint’s Top Coat on it to seal, then applied American Paint’s Black Glaze.  I kinda liked this, but had some American Paint’s Peacock in a dish, so I added a little American Paint’s clear glaze and applied to it.  I really kike how the Peacock brings out the blue and I love how the Black Glaze tones down the bright red.  A finished it off with a coat of  American Paint’s Clear Wax.  Over all, I do like this finish much better then the other two!!


I will be changing out the pull on the drop down, the glass is not working for me now! I picked this one up at Hobby Lobby on Saturday!

What do you think?  Please comment and let me know.








Have you had a fail, please share you experience so we will feel confident in our fails, after all they are not really fails, they are opportunists to learn!

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