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Finally getting a few minutes to catch up this evening.  It has been a very busy 2 weeks.  And this one was a whirlwind…  Last Friday, I stopped in at AMP (Antique Market Place) in Lemoyne to pick up some corners from my friend Amy… She was the owner of “Worth Keeping” a place for art lovers of all kinds. She restored, matted and framed many a treasures in her corner of AMP the last 2 years.  That chapter came to an end last Friday and a new chapter with Bernie begins, congratulations kids … so Amy sold/gave everything away and is enjoying the life of leisure (insert big smile here).  Well Amy’s little corner had a sink…. and I was on the list for more space to do workshops…. looked like a perfect marriage to me…

So the boss told me to go for it and I did.  We started moving in today…. I will come back to this with more pictures later but now…..

Back to the whirlwind week….Monday, I helped Amy and Bernie get the rest of there stuff packed on the trailer and I helped her out by buying 2 tables and some other stuff as well as all the corners she  had.

Mine, Mine, All Mine……. I wish!

Tuesday I drove to New Jersey and spent the day with my Distributor, Donna McCrummen helping her to get all her freight into her shop.  Then we pulled  my order and I headed home around 5:00 with 16 plus casses of paint that included CeCe’s new limited edition colors!

Stocked & Ready for your orders!

Wednesday, I ran to Downingtown to hook up with my friend Andrea from Re~Fresh at  “The Barn Shops of Eagle Village”, (Previoulsy Pearls Market) and met Beth, the owner ofa sweet lady with a vision…. hope to be part of it in the very near future… keep ya posted when it happens. We plan to do demos and workshops there, hosted by “The Vintage Dames”

Thursday was a work day at Northgate Antiques in Carlisle… we were very busy, but Connie and I had a chance to play with CeCe’s Emerald Isle!  I must tell you, I love, love, love this green!









Friday I ran back to AMP for some work and then in the afternoon I had the privilage of sitting with the grand-children…. my favorite job ever…. Love those little peeps so much it takes my breath away!

That brings us to Saturday!!!! The Big Day. We started the process of moving all my paint, stuff and more stuff to a new location.

Could not have done it without the hubbies help!  I have some painting to do and we are running a big sale — 40% off everything (except paint stuff)




Love this space…. large table for workshops, plenty of room for paint and lots of furniture.  We will be posting workshop schedules this week… stay tuned!

So if you are looking for a bargain and are in need of some vintage junque, stop by “The Antique Marketplace of Lemoyne” and look us up…. don’t mind the dust, we are stirring things up a bit!  Happy Shopping!