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Every week American Paint Company features a specific color on their blog.  I have every intention of painting something for the feature blog, however life gets in the way.  My dad has end stage COPD and I have the opportunity to be his transportation to Dr. appointments and respiratory therapy add to that, God has blessed me with the privilege of babysitting my 3 grand-children 1-2 times a week as well as helping their parents out.  So painting gets put on the back burner.

But last week, I spent Friday and Saturday painting!


I bought this antique dresser made of pine, from PJ in Dillsburg early this spring. I went to the other APC retailers and asked for suggestions on the color to paint it. Limoges, Sackcloth & Uncle Sam, Plymouth Rock & Smoke Signal… all beautiful colors…but nothing spoke to me. So off to the storage shed she went where spiders and other creepy crawlies made their home.

pine mirror

The blog feature color for this week is APC’s Fireworks Red! When I started looking around for something to paint Fireworks Red, I found this little lady collecting dust and she screamed at me! PAINT ME! PAINT ME!


First I knew I wanted a different base color… I love to layer colors, it adds depth to my piece. So I picked APC’s Vintage Velvet for the base. I loved they way it brought the orange hues out!

Antique Mirror

There were lots of dings and stains on this old girl, but her “bones” were sweet. She reminded me of an old Eastern European dresser and I knew the red and vintage velvet would do her justice!  There was some bleed through in a few spots, but not to worry… I used a little APC’s Clear Glaze before painting Fireworks Red over to stop the bleed.

Vintage pine dresser

After the paint dried, I took a wet rag to her and rubbed back to the sweet Vintage Velvet. I did a lot of distressing wherever there were dings and bleed through as well as the normal areas of wear, even a little heavy handed for that vintage look.

Dark wax dresser

Yes the red looks a little pink when dry, not to worry, a little wax, Hard Coat or Top Coat will darken it to a beautiful red. But for this piece I wanted to age her…so I used American Paint Co’s Dark Wax… In this photo you can see where I have waxed and where I have not!

Copper knobs and red paint

For the knobs, I painted them with APC’s Cannonball black and then mixed a little Copper Mica with APC’s Clear wax and brushed that on the top.  I let it dry for a couple hours and then buffed.  A beautiful finish to compliment the yellow undertones of the dresser.

Red painted dresser

I know I said that the table and chairs in my previous post was my all time favorite… but I gots to tell ya… I so love this little lady and how she turned out! Exactly the vision I had for her. Perfect for a sweet little princess or a grown up one too!

IMG_3794s IMG_3804s Antique Dresser

I hope you enjoyed her as much as I did creating her… if you are inspired to paint something with American Paint Company’s Fireworks Red give me a call or stop by our shopping cart…  We will get you a stocked up and ready to transform your hidden treasures!

Until next time
Happy Painting


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