Sweet Little Antique Dresser

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Every week American Paint Company features a specific color on their blog.  I have every intention of painting something for the feature blog, however life gets in the way.  My dad has end stage COPD and I have the opportunity to be his transportation to Dr. appointments and respiratory therapy add to that, God has blessed me with the privilege of babysitting my 3 grand-children 1-2 times a week as well as helping their parents out.  So painting gets put on the back burner.

But last week, I spent Friday and Saturday painting!


I bought this antique dresser made of pine, from PJ in Dillsburg early this spring. I went to the other APC retailers and asked for suggestions on the color to paint it. Limoges, Sackcloth & Uncle Sam, Plymouth Rock & Smoke Signal… all beautiful colors…but nothing spoke to me. So off to the storage shed she went where spiders and other creepy crawlies made their home.

pine mirror

The blog feature color for this week is APC’s Fireworks Red! When I started looking around for something to paint Fireworks Red, I found this little lady collecting dust and she screamed at me! PAINT ME! PAINT ME!


First I knew I wanted a different base color… I love to layer colors, it adds depth to my piece. So I picked APC’s Vintage Velvet for the base. I loved they way it brought the orange hues out!

Antique Mirror

There were lots of dings and stains on this old girl, but her “bones” were sweet. She reminded me of an old Eastern European dresser and I knew the red and vintage velvet would do her justice!  There was some bleed through in a few spots, but not to worry… I used a little APC’s Clear Glaze before painting Fireworks Red over to stop the bleed.

Vintage pine dresser

After the paint dried, I took a wet rag to her and rubbed back to the sweet Vintage Velvet. I did a lot of distressing wherever there were dings and bleed through as well as the normal areas of wear, even a little heavy handed for that vintage look.

Dark wax dresser

Yes the red looks a little pink when dry, not to worry, a little wax, Hard Coat or Top Coat will darken it to a beautiful red. But for this piece I wanted to age her…so I used American Paint Co’s Dark Wax… In this photo you can see where I have waxed and where I have not!

Copper knobs and red paint

For the knobs, I painted them with APC’s Cannonball black and then mixed a little Copper Mica with APC’s Clear wax and brushed that on the top.  I let it dry for a couple hours and then buffed.  A beautiful finish to compliment the yellow undertones of the dresser.

Red painted dresser

I know I said that the table and chairs in my previous post was my all time favorite… but I gots to tell ya… I so love this little lady and how she turned out! Exactly the vision I had for her. Perfect for a sweet little princess or a grown up one too!

IMG_3794s IMG_3804s Antique Dresser

I hope you enjoyed her as much as I did creating her… if you are inspired to paint something with American Paint Company’s Fireworks Red give me a call or stop by our shopping cart…  We will get you a stocked up and ready to transform your hidden treasures!

Until next time
Happy Painting


Sunny Sunday!

Good Morning Friends…. Hope you had a great week!  My week was…. oh I don’t remember the whole week… but I had a couple days off – the kidos are fighting the bug, so momma and daddy took a day off and that gave grammma 2 days off! Missed them, but it gave me time to get over to Anitque Marketplace and freshen up the booth.

Check out that desk, just waiting to be painted!  $140 if you are interested. Also, notice the COSCO vintage step stool… I painted the seat with CeCe Santa Fe Turquose and the legs with New Orleans Purple – Satin Finish the whole chair… yes you can do that!

A couple more pieces for sale!  A 1970’s mosaic table with Alaskan Tundra, A Vintage 1940’s – 1950’s table and 4 chairs, buy 1 quart of CeCe Caldwell’s Paint & 1 Pint CeCe Clear Wax, get the table and chairs for $50… solid wood, Maid in the USA, you wont find that at Target or Wall Mart! I think I am seeing this set in Mesa Sunset with a little Dark Aging Cream? What color do you see?

I had so much fun painting this antique oak Empire Library table. Don’t panic my wood lovin friends… it had some major finish issues and I don’t play in chemicals… I used Smoky Mountain Gray for the legs and Traverse City Cherry on the top. CeCe came out with Glaze and before I sell it, I have to play with it. Now I am a novice furniture painter, so I never used glaze before, and was not sure what to do or expect.  My CeCe sisters (and brothers) were so kind as to offer up some advise on how to apply…. so what do I start with? A very large, beautiful table! Am I nuts? YES!  I added a little Vermont Slate to the glaze, just to tone down TCC a little. I waxed the surface first, but some say you don’t need to… when in doubt, try it on  scrap wood  first (unless you are nuts like me!). Then you brush the glaze on a small area at a time and wipe back… that’s what the ladies told me… so I did it, keeping a wet edge.  I love the finish.  You can apply wax over the glaze, and it is recommended that you do. I am sure you can Satin Finish it as well.

I love this table and the finish on it.  If you love it too, it can be yours, priced at $220… should be gone quickly, so waste not a minute and head to Lemoyne, to the Antique Marketplace and ask for the ladies who sell paint!

Switching Gears…. kinda of!

Friday I spent the day getting ready for a “Paint Made Easy” BYOP workshop with 2 fine ladies.  I had to paint up some color charts, pour some samples and scoop some wax!  I know some people bulk at paying $6 for these….

….but they are a lot of work! Each chart is hand painted by me! Thirty Six colors, finger painted, just for you! They are “pieces of art”! I think I am going to sign & date them! I spent over 4 hours painting them! Future job for grandchildren….yea!

Workshop begins… at Northgate Antiques

Meet Bonnie

And Karen!

Two great friends who plan to start a new venture…. painting and re-purposing… heading on the road to a spring event…. The Cottonwood House Extravaganza!

They spent the day with me playing with CeCe Caldwell’s paints and finishes… taking a piece of furniture in it’s worn out form and in less then 5 hours…. creating an heirloom for future generations!

We painted canning jars and wood pieces to practice different techniques of applying CeCe Caldwell’s paint and then taking it back off!








I love the people I meet through CeCe Caldwell’s paints. We allways have great conversations and always have something in common. Bonnie and her hubby are dairy farmers…. selling Real Milk to people who love it. I LOVE REAL MILK…. what is real milk you ask? It is fresh from the cow, not heat treated to kill all the great enzymems needed for digestion!

unadulterated |ˌənəˈdəltəˌrātid|
not mixed or diluted with any different or extra elements; complete and absolute : pure, unadulterated jealousy.
• (of food or drink) having no inferior added substances; pure : unadulterated whole-milk yogurt.

Needless to say… we had a lot to talk about… in my other job, I work with a lot of farmers who provide, grass fed, real milk, to those of us who love it!

Ok back to painting!

A few more pictures of the ladies painting!

I even did a little painting yesterday…. the perfect vase for my dried Lavender I bought at PASA last week!









Then while we were finishing up… Jenni stopped by to chat and talk paint!  Jenni is another fan of CeCe Caldwell’s Paints and finishes…. she has BIG Plans for State Collage PA…. keep your eyes open for what she will be doing up there.

Thank you ladies for making my Saturday a great day!  Stay connected and share your creations on Facebook with me! I will share with them with all my friends!

Going to make the hubby breakfast now!
Have a happy Sunday y’all!

Antique Marketplace of Lemoyne’s Open House – Day 1

Wow, what a day… I arrived at Antique Marketplace of Lemoyne around 9:45 and there was already a line at the door. I drove around back and unloaded about 8 cases of paint as well as my brush basket

and other necessary items. Hauled this all up two flights of steps and to my booth. Can you say workout?  I had two bathroom breaks, and 1 coffee break around 3:30 thanks to Lisa. (I think that’s her name) There was no time to eat today, many people wanted to know what I was painting with and why… they all got the long story!

I want to thank all my customers who stopped by to say hi and introduce themselves.

If you did not get in today, I will be there tomorrow painting from 11:00 to 3:00… come on by and say hello!

Today’s project…
This cute mahogany Art Deco record cabinet.


I picked this up from Bill at Northgate Antiques a couple weeks ago knowing it would be perfect for a demo… today’s the day!


Ready to start painting… a little more coffee and here I go!



I started with a pop of color on the inside… Traverse City Cherry… love this color. There were a lot of people who stopped by while I was painting.


They asked questions and even a few picked up my cute little round brush tried it.  Next, I painted the outside with Seattle Mist. This was not my original plan, it just felt right!


Last night I decided to paint the entire piece with Destin Gulf Green. I think it is so rich and very classy.
One of the best moments of the day was meeting  Lisa and Mark who hung around and helped me from 3:00 to closing. (actually they did the painting and waxing while I watched)


Lisa loved painting with CeCe Caldwell’s Paints. She was so excited about the possibilities… I felt the same way the first time I used it, and still do.  I told my husband that day, “I finally know what I want to do when I grow up… I want to  paint furniture”


… this excitement is why I am selling CeCe Caldwell’s Paints… I want to share the fun with everyone… I know if you try it… you’ll like it… better yet… you will love it!


so here she is, ready for her distressing and waxing tomorrow… check us out tomorrow for “the rest of the story”


If you have nothing to do tomorrow Sunday, Nov. 11th, come on over to Antique Marketplace and see what our next project will be… I have a Cosco step stool I want to finish… yep I am painting the metal legs and vynel seat… you can do that with CeCe Caldwell’s Paints.

Now I have to go pour paint samples, paint cards, and put together a couple CeCe Starter Gift Bags! No rest for us Paint Sisters!

The Fall Fest Fair Circut in Central PA!

The Vintage Dames descend on local Fairs with CeCe Caldwell’s Paint Flying!

We are just now catching our breath after 3 weekends of Fall Fairs and then today, a road trip to Maryland to batten down the hatches on our sailboat in preparation for “Sandy”! Who is “Sandy” you ask? She is the approaching hurricane forecast to hit the East Coast on Monday, October 29th. They expect her to pound on Pennsylvania, Tuesday, Oct. 30th, one year to the day that we were dumped on by another Nor-easter that brought a record snow!  Sandy is looking like she will stall for a couple days dumping up to 4″ of rain! We are praying that she will hang a right and head out to sea!

The first event we attended was Shrewsbury’s Fall Fest on October 6th. We joined our friends from Pink Pretty Peonies and set up on the corner of Main and Forrest in front of Serendipity Antiques! This was a great location. Just a short walk to Juliana’s In The Village, a fabulous restaurant serving French Press Coffee and locally raised, all natural artisan foods. Perfect for this organic coffee connoisseur selling all natural chalk + clay paint!

We met a lot of people, told them how great CeCe’s totally green paint is, showed them how easy it is to use, and sold some too! One of our customers started painting a table, bought it, the paint and wax before heading home!


Our second event, October 13th, was at Pearls Market in Downingtown. We were invited to do demos and set up with the ladies from Re~Fresh. The will be a vender at Pearls beginning in November… stop in and say hi for me!

We dropped some paint off to our friends of Shutters & Sand who were set up in the parking lot of Pearls with a house full of beautiful painted furniture! Karee delivered my custom shelf she painted for me… it is sitting on its side in the picture above, has the sailboats painted on it… it is beautiful, I was so pleased with it. I promise to post pictures after I get it hung.

Another beautiful fall day, perfect for “letting the paint fly”.


Last Saturday, October 20th we set up in our hometown at the “Dillsburg Farmer’s Fair”.

We saw a couple classmate, some relatives and even a neighbor or two, such as Sue and Craig of Mowery Antiques they were checking out our eclectic display of stuff!

It looked like rain, but never did. Later in the afternoon the sun was warm and the day was beautiful. 

We had a great opportunity to introduce CeCe Caldwell’s Natural Chalk + Clay Paint to the Dillsburg area. Dawn from Antiques on Baltimore stopped by to say hi and check out our cool vintage stuff!

The beautiful vintage quilt with the peach border found a new home with Nancy. It was hard to let go, but she treasures old quilts as much as I do and I know it will get the tender care it needs.

We met a mother and daughter who were as excited about our paint as we are. They were heading home to decide what to paint… looking forward to seeing them at one of our workshops.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by for a chat, picked up a brush, and bought some paint at each of these Fall Fests. You are  the reason we hit the streets with CeCe Caldwell’s Natural Chalk + Clay Paint.

If you missed out on getting your hands on some CeCe green paint, you can purchase it from our online store.

Do you want to take a “Paint Made Easy” workshop? Visit our store and sign up today. We have three workshops scheduled for November and will be adding more dates for December.

If you don’t see a date that works for you, get 4 friends together and pick your own date. Call or Email for more information!

Happy Painting!

CeCe Caldwell’s “Paint Made Easy” in Shrewsbury, PA!

The Vintage Dames will be teaming up with Pink pretty peonies in Shrewsbury, October 6th from 10-4 for their Fall Fest. We will be doing “Paint Made Easy” Demo’s with CeCe Caldwell’s Paints & Finishes during the day.

Have you wanted to try CeCe Caldwell’s Natural Chalk + Clay Paint? This is your chance, to pick up a brush and start painting.

For more about the Fall Fest in Shrewsbury, PA 17361 go to the Shrewsbury Fall Fest web page