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Expected to hit epidemic proportions by the end of the year!

Last weekend we had a glimpse of Paint Fever and the impact it will have on the Midstate. (South Central PA)  It was during Antique Marketplace of Lemoyne’s November Open House.  A record number of customers stopped by to get information on a Remedy for their need to paint something.  We were ready!

AHC open jars

To lower your fever, dip your brush into paint!

The Vintage Dames began doing research on “Paint Fever” a little over 3 years ago. At that time, the fever was contained to the southern states with a few cases showing up across the nation.  We searched the internet and found several remedies for paint fever as well as many videos on how to apply those remedies.  One of the best sources for information was Miss Mustard Seed and her great tutorials! Through her and many other DIY ladies the spread of “PAINT FEVER” could not be stopped!

Dumpster Diving, Trash Picking and a few Freebies too!

Symptoms of PAINT FEVER!

Mild Symptoms

  • Uncontroable urge to paint!
  • Sudden stops along the road to rummage through dumpsters!
  • Scouring Craigs List for free furniture!
  • Inability to turn down offers from others for cheep/free stuff (anything can be painted)

Sever Symptoms

  • You have no room in your garage, basement, or shed!
  • Your spouse threatens to get a dumpster or have a bonfire! (even offering to help)
  • You have trouble selling unfinished projects because you have a “DREAM” for that piece!
  • You get a letter from Dave Severson, Executive Produce for “Hoarders” wanting to feature you in the show!
Hoarders Are US!

Hoarders Are US!

Our search for the perfect remedy took us to Werenersville, PA during the “2011 Halloween nor’easter”!  We picked up $350 in supplies and headed home! Early the next morning we began testing these supplies on anything we could get our hands on…. it really was amazing how this remedy worked.  However, we discovered serious side effects! Instead of starving the fever the remedy fed the fever! Our need to find something to paint began to take over our life.  We soon realized that we had to get a huge supply of the remedy… we knew “Paint Fever” was coming to the Midstate, just not sure when it would reach epidemic proportions, but we knew for sure it would and we wanted to be ready!!!

At that time there were only handful of remedies we were considering and since we try very hard to use “Natural, Organic, Green” products in all aspects of our life, we narrowed our search to just one!  We chose the all natural, no VOC’s, chalk, clay, mineral based paints and started our journey on the road to a natural remedy for “Paint Fever” for all!

Chalk, Clay, Porcelain Clay Paint... all natural, no VOC's

Chalk, Clay, Porcelain Clay Paint… all natural, no VOC’s

Since then we have been learning everything we can to help our community get ready for the fever that is now bearing down on the Midstate.  Many in the area have taken workshops with us as well as started stocking up and treating their own symptoms with the many products we carry. Over the years we have added other products and will continue to add products to our inventory to treat the many symptoms of the fever.  At this time there is no cure! Our best advice is to go with it, use the paint and explore your own creativity.  We have found it best to paint anything that moves you.  There are no rules… just guidelines!  Let your heart lead the way and most of all…. HAVE FUN!

The Original Minerial Based Paint!

“American Paint Company’s” all natural, zero VOC, eco-friendly, and solvent free paints are our remedy of choice and we love it! These are the cleanest, healthiest paints and finishes available to our DIY customers! APC paints contain no acrylic, no fungicide, no co-polymers and no worries! You need it, your health demands it, and we will provide it.

Now is the time to begin prepping for what is coming our way… Don’t wait till your burning up to get your remedy!  If your not sure how to use these products, then you need to join us for one of our workshops. You can find more information on about them and find one that is perfect for you here!  If you have any questions, please call!

Happy Painting Friends!