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RESTORE- Short Handle Paint Brush
Series 7701








Small Short Handle Oval Paint Brush #4 $20.95

Small Short Handle Oval Paint Brush #6 $28.95


These brushes are great to use with

  • Chalk & Clay Paints
  • Plaster Paint
  • Latex Paints
  • Wax

I am proud to offer the full line of RESTORE brushes - a complete collection of handmade bristle and synthetic brushes with unique shapes and sizes, designed to create a spectrum of finishes from smooth to specialty surfaces.

  • Handmade in Europe by master craftsmen
  • Produced with only the finest Chunking Bristle and High Tech Synthetic Filaments
  • Newly designed, natural ergonomic handles for better control and comfort

Because the Best Results Deserve the Best Brush.

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