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Sweet Little Wax Brush #8 – $17.00

Sweet Little Wax Brush for applying American Paint Companies Clear & Dark Wax. The bristles are a bit softer then the round brushes and great for our soft wax!
It is my go to brush for painting as well... It really holds the paint and great to paint table legs, spindles and hard to reach places!

To Clean your brush: China bristles, also known as hog bristles, are the natural hairs of a hog from China. They are stiff compared to other types of natural bristle and have excellent durability. The natural bristle brushes should never be "soaked" in water, unless absolutely necessary to remove dry paint. Cleaning with American Paint Co. Surface Prep/Brush Cleaner is what we recommended, but any good soap will do. Rinse the brush well, shake excess water out, re-shape with your hand (comb if you like) and wrap in kraft paper or a paper towel to dry.  We recommend allowing the brush to dry before using it again, but use your best judgement.

We rarely clean our wax brushes when used with American Paint's waxes, but solvent based waxes often need to be cleaned between uses. For these harsh waxes, a simple cleaning is to dampen a rag with mineral spirits and work the bristles into the rag in the palm of your hand, re-shape, and wrap to dry. Deep cleanings in a jar of spirits can also be done, but because of the oily residue left behind, lacquer thinner should be used to clean the spirits out of the brush, followed by a quick soap & water wash, wrap, and dry.

Price: $17.00

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