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American Paint Company Glaze Finish is a highly versatile and highly concentrated transparent waterborne glaze.  It can be tinted with American Paint Company Micas or used as a color wash.  Our Glaze will create a washable seal over chalky or dusty surfaces. Several coats of American Paint Company Glaze Finish will dry to an eggshell sheen.  You may water the product down, either 1, 2, or 3 parts water to 1 part APC Glaze Finish. ONCE YOU MIX WITH WATER YOU MUST USE IT WITHIN 24 HOURS.

Application: Stir well before using.  As a glaze, it functions best in a thin coat and can be brushed, sponged, or applied with a cloth.  When used as a glazing wash, ensuring that your work progresses with a steadily moving wet edge – especially when multiple colors are merged simultaneously – is the sure path to professional looking results.  Room temperature should be above 10 degrees.

Coverage: American Paint Company Glaze Finish will cover up to 150 square feet per liter depending upon dilution and surface porosity and application technique.

Drying Time: Depending upon the end viscosity, surface porosity , and ambient weather conditions, up to twelve hours.

Ingredients: cellulose, alcohol ester, silica, carnauba wax, clay, water and preservative. Zero V.O.C.

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