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Mica Powders – super fine metallic powders

American Paint Company metallic micas are the finest quality mica powders available, offering exceptional light reflection and clarity of color.  These mica powders are excellent to mix into our American Paint Company Waxes or Top Coat products. The metallics add a beautiful sheen to your finish and the black, which is not metallic, will deepen the existing color of your painted piece.

Add micas directly to our American Paint Company Wax, Top Coat, Hard Coat or Glaze. We recommend starting with 3 parts wax to one part mica powder... you can adjust that depending on the color you have painted with and the amount of intensity you are looking for. The more you add the more sparkle you will get. It's easy to apply; just mix it into your wax and brush on like you would our clear or dark wax.  If you add to liquid finishes, be sure to mix often as the super fine metallic powders will sink to the bottom!

Safety Precaution:  Mica powders tend to become airborne.  It is recommended to be used in a well ventilated area and a good quality dust mask be worn.

Note: Purchase two or more of the American Paint Products to optimize shipping.

Need a little help to get  you started? You can find easy to follow Tutorials on American Paint Company's Web Page

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