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APC's Top Coat is an awesome all natural clear coat that you can apply instead of wax to seal and protect your project. Top Coat gives your a more durable finish then wax, more like a polyurethane yet is non-yellowing and brushes on so easily.  Use it instead of wax (not over it).  It dries to a beautiful satin sheen without needing additional sanding or buffing.

Drying Time: APC Top Coat drys dries within 20 – 30 minutes, depending on temperature, humidity, and surface it is being applied to. We recommend letting your paint dry 12-24 hours before applying topcoat for best results, 2 to 3 coats are recommended and remember to refrigerate after opening.

Clean-up:  Clean all brushes and tools with warm soapy water quickly as the product dries quickly

Clear Top Coat: A zero-VOC, solvent free eco-friendly brush on top coat. Ingredients: water, silicic acid, alcohol ester, surfactant, and preservative.

Need a little help to get  you started? You can find easy to follow Tutorials on American Paint Company's Web Page


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