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2 Sheets Dimensions: 12" x 12”

*Barnwood Planks is part of the Fall 2018 Release and expected to begin shipping sometime in October.

Create the look of  barnwood with our IOD Barnwood Planks stamp. Knotty or distressed, you can achieve it!   Watch a video to see how to achieve the look you see here   Shipping Late October





Barnwood Plank Tips

  1. This stamp is easiest to use if left on its backing and cut apart.
  2. Start by using the stamp with two “seams” to lay the basic wood floor, and then go back in and strategically place your knots, butt end joints, kerf and distress marks.
  3. Avoid repetitive patterns. Don’t ink the entire kerf pattern thats on the main plank, just a little here and there, that way you wont see an obvious repeat.
  4. Never have a knot span across two planks (mask one plank so half a knot goes on one plank, or just keep the whole knot on a single plank).
  5. Stay straight as possible- you can snap a chalk line for a starting row if needed. Then its pretty easy to keep it straight if you are paying attention to each impression and keeping it either parallel with the previous plank line, or overlapping a plank line.
  6. Stand up and step back every so often to get a look at how straight things are and identify anything that looks like too much pattern repeat and compensate.
  7. If you are going over plywood, one option is to take advantage of the grain by using a sheer wash to tint rather than solid paint. Test the color, its a bit tricky to nail it with the strong yellow inherent in plywood.
  8. Black ink is super easy to stamp with for planking, but paint also works and gives a slightly
    different look- both great.
  9. If stamping on a plywood floor, be sure to seal with a couple of coats of sealer suitable for flooring.
  10. If possible, take advantage of plywood seams by aligning your stamped seams on them. This may mean you have one plank per plywood sheet section that is a little narrower or wider. This is no big deal, in fact you often see that in old floors. Keeping the plank seams aligned on the real plywood seams adds to the illusion, rather than having the plywood seams interrupt one of your planks.



Price: $38.00

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