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Fridays were elbow to elbow and if you didn't get in first, you were drinking your float on the curb, eye level to the whitewalls rollin by. I can still recall stickin to that red vinyl stool, and that worn out ol advertising sign that hung above the soda fountain. Something like Harrison's seeds, or, that's it, Storrs and Harrison Co. Funny the things that stick with you.



12 x 60
(split in two pieces)
Soft Black



IOD Décor Transfers add delicately detailed vintage touches to your favorite furnishings.
 Use these detailed transfers on your furniture, walls and 
more to add a delicate touch to any living space. 

PLEASE NOTE: The newly released IOD products are enjoying a demand that exceeds the supply. This is likely to continue by all gaugeable indicators. 

Due to heavy demand, some of our products may be currently out of stock and on back order, but there is always more product on the way!

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Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of this item.

Price: $28.50

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