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Hi ya friends….  I grew up in the seventies and remember them well!

Bell bottoms, hiphuggers and platform shoes were the style we all wore and in everyone’s house somewhere three was that beautiful Shag Carpet!  It came in many colors two of which I remember, Green and Orange.  Not sure if you noticed, but the seventies are making a comeback, much to our chagrin…. especially with the 30’s something generation!  Why you ask?  Because that was the style they grew up in… they are nostalgic… just like me! I collect 40’s – 50’s stuff because it reminds me of my youth… they are collecting 60’s – 80’s for the same reason.  So don’t throw those plastic flowers away that are hiding in your grandparents home… there is a young lady out there looking high and low for them!

Now back to Shag Carpet… especially the Orange Shag Carpet!  American Paint Company features a special collection of colors each year and this years collection is “The American Home Collection”.  Many of these colors are reminiscent of the 70’s and Shag Carpet is one of them.  Now sometimes I need a push to get something painted! Each week American Paint Company is featuring a color from “The American Home Collection” on their blog and have asked the retailers to share what they have painted in that color.  I missed the first two color deadlines, but managed to knock out a project featuring Shag Carpet for this weeks APC blog post….


IKEA Table seventies style

This table and chairs set was left behind by a renter in one of my dad’s departments.  I have since found out that this is an IKEA piece.  It has a very mid-modern look and was the perfect project for our 70’s Shag Carpet!  The table top was a little rough, but good wood as well as the chair backs. The seats were a little rough and I planed to recover them with fabric.  First I gave everything a good cleaning with American Paint Co. Brush & Surface Prep.

American Paint Company Surface Prep

I painted my first coat of Shag Carpet on the table top and waited till it was dry.  While applying the second coat of paint, I started to get patches that were pulling off in a very strange way!


What is going on? Looks like something was left behind that is effecting the finish! Then it hit me like a brick!  I did not rinse of my cleaner!  Ooops!  I am not one to start over, so I waited for 2nd coat to dry over night and then repainted it a 3rd time, being very careful not to over work the paint and re-wet it!  MORAL of this short story: Be sure to give a good wipe down with clean, clear water before starting to paint!

2 coats of shag carpet

I had to remove the chair seats to recover them. I removed all the Phillips head screws then started to remove the flat head screws… they were not budging! I deduced that they had been glued in… This changes the plan…. What now?


After getting the table and backs painted in Shag Carpet I was inspired by a jewelry box I painted in American Home Collection‘s (AHC) Rose Garden sitting beside on of the orange chairs. I loved Rose Garden next to Shag Carpet… then I started looking at the other colors in the AHC and this is what I came up with!

A rainbow of color
But the seats need to be replaced! I figured I would paint them and while my dear friend, Cherise of  “Mr Farmers Daughter”  was visiting last Friday, she suggested I decoupage fabric to the chairs… so off to my fabric stash we went and came back with this one…. Look at all those American Home colors tucked right in this Ice Cream Sunday Fabric!

icecream parlor sunday
So I painted the chairs with Uncle Same from APC… just one coat!

then I made a template of the seats.  I cut my fabric 1/4″ larger then my template.

I covered the chair seat with Mod Podge watered down a bit… laid the dry fabric on the seat and folded back 1/2 and covered the back of the fabric with mod podge. I then did the same to the other side. after smoothing out all wrinkles and making sure I had enough extra on all sides, I used a butter knife to push the fabric in under the seat and behind it. I then covered the top with more mode podge. Once the fabric was dry, I cute the excess off with a xacto knife.


Chenille bedspread purple
Another coat of mode podge, for all seats… sanded with dry sanding sponge to knock off the nibs. Then a coat of APC’s Hard Coat to seal. I think the chairs look great

seventies line up of color
I put 3 coats of APC Hard Coat on the table top and one on all the chairs to seal them.

IKEA table and chairs shag carpet
This is one of my very favorite projects and I had so much fun with it. It turned out way better then I could have ever imagined.
IMG_9989 IMG_9988 IMG_9985_2 IMG_9977 IMG_9973
I hope you are inspired to get out of your color box and try something new.  You can get your American Paint Company products from The Vintage Dames. There is a link above for all our products. If we are out of something, shoot us an email, we will do our best to get it to you ASAP.

Thanks for stopping by…. we will be sharing our Rose Garden project in the next couple days, so stop back soon.  If painting is not your thing, but you have something you would like painted… give us a call, we love to paint and are happy to do the work for you!

Till next time, Happy Painting