Good Morning Friends…. Hope you had a great week!  My week was…. oh I don’t remember the whole week… but I had a couple days off – the kidos are fighting the bug, so momma and daddy took a day off and that gave grammma 2 days off! Missed them, but it gave me time to get over to Anitque Marketplace and freshen up the booth.

Check out that desk, just waiting to be painted!  $140 if you are interested. Also, notice the COSCO vintage step stool… I painted the seat with CeCe Santa Fe Turquose and the legs with New Orleans Purple – Satin Finish the whole chair… yes you can do that!

A couple more pieces for sale!  A 1970’s mosaic table with Alaskan Tundra, A Vintage 1940’s – 1950’s table and 4 chairs, buy 1 quart of CeCe Caldwell’s Paint & 1 Pint CeCe Clear Wax, get the table and chairs for $50… solid wood, Maid in the USA, you wont find that at Target or Wall Mart! I think I am seeing this set in Mesa Sunset with a little Dark Aging Cream? What color do you see?

I had so much fun painting this antique oak Empire Library table. Don’t panic my wood lovin friends… it had some major finish issues and I don’t play in chemicals… I used Smoky Mountain Gray for the legs and Traverse City Cherry on the top. CeCe came out with Glaze and before I sell it, I have to play with it. Now I am a novice furniture painter, so I never used glaze before, and was not sure what to do or expect.  My CeCe sisters (and brothers) were so kind as to offer up some advise on how to apply…. so what do I start with? A very large, beautiful table! Am I nuts? YES!  I added a little Vermont Slate to the glaze, just to tone down TCC a little. I waxed the surface first, but some say you don’t need to… when in doubt, try it on  scrap wood  first (unless you are nuts like me!). Then you brush the glaze on a small area at a time and wipe back… that’s what the ladies told me… so I did it, keeping a wet edge.  I love the finish.  You can apply wax over the glaze, and it is recommended that you do. I am sure you can Satin Finish it as well.

I love this table and the finish on it.  If you love it too, it can be yours, priced at $220… should be gone quickly, so waste not a minute and head to Lemoyne, to the Antique Marketplace and ask for the ladies who sell paint!

Switching Gears…. kinda of!

Friday I spent the day getting ready for a “Paint Made Easy” BYOP workshop with 2 fine ladies.  I had to paint up some color charts, pour some samples and scoop some wax!  I know some people bulk at paying $6 for these….

….but they are a lot of work! Each chart is hand painted by me! Thirty Six colors, finger painted, just for you! They are “pieces of art”! I think I am going to sign & date them! I spent over 4 hours painting them! Future job for grandchildren….yea!

Workshop begins… at Northgate Antiques

Meet Bonnie

And Karen!

Two great friends who plan to start a new venture…. painting and re-purposing… heading on the road to a spring event…. The Cottonwood House Extravaganza!

They spent the day with me playing with CeCe Caldwell’s paints and finishes… taking a piece of furniture in it’s worn out form and in less then 5 hours…. creating an heirloom for future generations!

We painted canning jars and wood pieces to practice different techniques of applying CeCe Caldwell’s paint and then taking it back off!








I love the people I meet through CeCe Caldwell’s paints. We allways have great conversations and always have something in common. Bonnie and her hubby are dairy farmers…. selling Real Milk to people who love it. I LOVE REAL MILK…. what is real milk you ask? It is fresh from the cow, not heat treated to kill all the great enzymems needed for digestion!

unadulterated |ˌənəˈdəltəˌrātid|
not mixed or diluted with any different or extra elements; complete and absolute : pure, unadulterated jealousy.
• (of food or drink) having no inferior added substances; pure : unadulterated whole-milk yogurt.

Needless to say… we had a lot to talk about… in my other job, I work with a lot of farmers who provide, grass fed, real milk, to those of us who love it!

Ok back to painting!

A few more pictures of the ladies painting!

I even did a little painting yesterday…. the perfect vase for my dried Lavender I bought at PASA last week!









Then while we were finishing up… Jenni stopped by to chat and talk paint!  Jenni is another fan of CeCe Caldwell’s Paints and finishes…. she has BIG Plans for State Collage PA…. keep your eyes open for what she will be doing up there.

Thank you ladies for making my Saturday a great day!  Stay connected and share your creations on Facebook with me! I will share with them with all my friends!

Going to make the hubby breakfast now!
Have a happy Sunday y’all!

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