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Sunny Sunday!

Good Morning Friends.... Hope you had a great week!  My week was.... oh I don't remember the whole week... but I had a couple days off – the kidos are fighting the bug, so momma and daddy took a day off and that gave grammma 2 days off! Missed them, but it gave me time to get over to Anitque...

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Antique Marketplace of Lemoyne’s Open House – Day 1

Wow, what a day... I arrived at Antique Marketplace of Lemoyne around 9:45 and there was already a line at the door. I drove around back and unloaded about 8 cases of paint as well as my brush basket and other necessary items. Hauled this all up two flights of steps and to my booth. Can you...

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Traverse City Cherry & Dark Aging Wax!

I love how easy CeCe Caldwell's Dark Aging Wax (Aging Cream) is to use and control. Most times you will want to use Clear Wax on your piece first, but there are some occasions when using the Dark directly on a painted piece will give you awesome results. This is something you need to play with a...

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