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APC's Hard Coat is hardest protection finish we carry. This high water resistant, strong and durable finish is the best choice for those hard used surfaces such as kitchen cabinets and table tops.  It has excellent flow and may be diluted some with water for the final coat.  A great brush on durable Hard Coat that protects like a polyurethane yet is non-yellowing.  Use it instead of wax (but not over it).  It dries to a beautiful satin sheen without needing additional sanding or buffing.

Drying Time: APC Hard Coat drys within four-to-five hours between coats. Depending on temperature, humidity, and surface it is being applied to. The product will cure over a period of approx. one week to reach the final hardness

Clean-up:  Clean all brushes and tools with warm soapy water quickly as the product dries quickly
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