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American Paint Company offers a fantastic Surface Prep/Brush Cleaner which is an organic and 100% natural cleaner for surfaces and brushes.  Use it to prep your project prior to painting.  This is our go to cleaner for all our brushes it is awesome! A little goes a long way... just a capful in a bucket of water cleans a bucket full of dirty brushes from our workshops.

As a Surface Prep:  With a wet rag, sponge or green scrubby apply a small amount on product and clean your surface.  Rinse with clean wet rag.  Product should foam up slightly when cleaning. Make sure the surface is wiped down before you proceed with painting, waxing or top coating.

As a Brush Cleaner:  Warm water and Brush Cleaner is used to clean not only your brushes but also your hands.  You MAY try it on clothing.  BUT ONLY BY HAND WASHING THE CLOTHING ITEM.  The action of this product foams up too much for any type of washing machine.


Need a little help to get  you started?
You can find easy to follow Tutorials on American Paint Company's Web Page

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