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I am in a “depressed state” today… should be heading on vacation, but due to circumstances out of my control… I am still at home… crying a little and sometimes a lot… things just don’t always work out they way we plan, God must have something else in mind!

Sadly, I found out on Friday that a very dear friend passed away last week.  I have known Russ as long as I have been selling junque at Northgate Antiques and in the last couple years had the privilage of a growing friendship. I must tell you, I love him… agape love, dear friend love, brotherly love! He was kind, generous and full of joy, he would do anything for you.  So this post is to be dedicated in his memory…

Russ Hoffman

I don’t remember where I saw this idea, but they used drift wood and did not paint it, but I loved it and it got me thinking……

Years ago, after my mom died, her husband wanted to get rid of stuff, so he brought it to my yard sale.  There were several old chairs that mom had in her basement. Well they did not sell, and like those who drop off stuff for a yard sale at ones house… he never picked them up… Aafter some time they were relegated to the outside patio… where they weathered very nicely and fell apart.  I started salvaging them last year, knowing I would come up with something to do with the pieces.

Last year when my brother passed away on July 18th at the very young age of 48, I helped clean out his house… well you can imagine, the worst thing for an avid “Sentimental Junque” collector to do is clean out her brothers house, especially when he was also an avid “Junque” collector… (family members and friends call us horders)  I could not throw out anything… the clothespins on his clothes line, the spent paint paddles and paint brushes that were all dried out… old rusty pieces of metal things and anything wood… all this I salvaged to my hubbies dismay… You can not move in my sheds, nor can I possible squeeze anything else in them… that brings me to my yard sale finds yesterday… where am I going to go with them?….  Back to my story… One of my treasures I salvaged was this pile of keys, I did not know at that time what I would do, maybe a wind-chime?

I started by playing with CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk & Clay paints and some dry brushing techniques… blending colors, with paint and water. I love the various effects and will be painting more of them… quick and easy projects.

Next I picked out a couple keys to bend into hooks.  I put a key in a vice and then used a ring mandrel to bend, but any metal tube would work, and with a leather mallet bent the key to form a hook.











I filed down the rough edges with metal file.

Next step was to put hangers on the back. I saw this idea on pinterest and being the salvaging person I am, loved it. Keep those tabs from soda cans or any can for picture hangers and such.

I use an awl to put a small hole in the tab, then us a small nail tack and attach then to back of the board. One on each side so the holder will be stationary on the wall. I sealed the back of the boards so they would not stain the wall.

Now it is time to drill the holes for attaching my key hooks.  I measured and spaced out my keys, then made a jig so that I could save time on the rest.

After marking the painted side, I used hubbies drill and pre-drilled the holes…

Time to attach the keys… I used brass screws because that is what I found first in the hubbies supplies.  🙂

Now to make one for a wedding gift for my niece! I got to thinking what a great gift…. I know it is not fancy, but it will have sentimental meaning… a little piece of her nanny and uncle to keep close to her heart.  (yes I am hopelessly romantic)

This was the note I included with Nina & Tyler’s gift.

I did not have any idea what to get you, so I made you something.   At first glance it is just a piece of painted wood with keys, nice for jewelry, keys or anything to hang…. but there is more to it!

The wood is from an old chair that was your nannies… so it is from her and a little of her was with you today! The keys belonged to your uncle Kevin, I know he would have loved to see this day… So when you hang your keys or favorite necklace on this old piece of wood

Remember your family & how much we played a role in your young life!  Oh yea, I painted and put ti together!
Blessings to you both, love Kathy

I started this post with a little depression, feeling sorry for me and missing my so desperately needed beach time……

however, because I am home this week, I will be going to my dear friend, Russ’s memorial service this Friday… remember what I said at the beginning of the post… “God must have something else in mind!”

So for now, my beach time will be through photos shared by you, on Pinterest, Facebook and throughout the internet…. and my previous vacations recorded through my camera’s eye!

See ya soon,
Happy Painting




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